What you breathe is what you are.


We ALL do it, ALL of the time.  And no matter where we work or where we go, the air we breathe MUST BE SAFE to breathe. 

So why do we care about people who work in smoky casinos?  

They get sick, really sick.  And some have and will continue to die from inhaling secondhand smoke.  It's a job that is killing them.

Casino employees are no different from coal miners. Their workplaces are both full of poisonous air.  In a casino, it's toxic cigarette smoke that has 7,000 chemicals and chemical compounds, 70 of which cause CANCER.  Nothing can stop them from involuntarily inhaling the toxic smoke.  They get sick and they die.

So be an advocate for yourself and for others.  Get the word out and speak up for casino employees.  If you are a casino patron, you deserve to breathe clean air too. So say something to management, to the staff, to the CEO!  Tell casinos to go SMOKE FREE!    

It's so important to take a stand against secondhand smoke and use the voice you were given.    

Because ... "If you don't say anything, no one hears you!"